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Important Changes To Our Services

As of 2013 the services provided by WrightWay Design will be changing to that of a limited support capacity for existing customers only. This means that as per our 2012 service changes we will no longer be providing services direct to the public or new customers, however from January 2013 our availability to respond direct to support requests from our existing customers will also be extremely limited, and subject to possible delays of 24 to 48 hours.

For existing customers who have their websites hosted with us your websites will continue to operate as normal, however we are recommending that if you wish to avoid any potential delays in obtaining support for your website and email services, or you will require changes to be performed to your website, that you arrange to have your website to be transferred to another website developer who can then provide this continuation of support and changes to your website.

The following information is provided in order to help answer some of the most common questions you may have, we recommend reading through these details to ensure you understand all the changes and options available to you, however should you have any further questions after that then please contact us at info@wrightwaydesign.com.au

Do I have to transfer my website to another developer?

No, it's not mandatory that you transfer your website to another developer, however support from 2013 will be very limited.

You may elect to leave your website with WrightWay Design in which case no action is required on your part. Your website will continue to operate as normal and you will continue to be invoiced for any subscription services you have through us unless we receive a request to transfer your services. In doing so however you acknowledge that you understand that any support requests you may make (regardless of urgency) will be subject to delay, and often require you to leave a phone message or email to request support. We cannot guarantee same day response to your requests, and any requests for more than just minor updates to your website will require your website to be transferred to another website developer who can undertake these changes for you.

Can I leave my website with WrightWay Design but have another developer update it for me?

No, our hosting services are provided to customers as a value added service only for websites that we manage directly. We will not have the support capacity / availability to provide intermediary hosting and development support to third party developers or customers who will be undertaking development of the website themselves.

If another developer or you the customer wishes to access the control panel or file structure behind the website to undertake updates, then we will require that the website be transferred to hosting provided by either your new website developer or your own hosting account which you will manage yourself.

If you as the customer wish to update the website yourself, or simply have your own direct hosting account which you can manage but choose to provide access to for another website developer to make any changes for you, then you can also organise to have your website transferred for free into its own direct hosting account with the hosting company HostGator who will then provide you with a direct consumer account for your website whilst having it remaining within the same data centre (computer facilities) as your website is currently based in. This means the least amount of fuss for you, and keeps everything running exactly as it is for you. By doing this it will then establish a direct channel of support for you with the hosting company, so you can then chat to them directly any time of the day (they provide 24/7 support staff) for any enquiries about your website or email, and will no longer require any reliance on involvement from WrightWay Design.

Please note that Host Gator is a hosting provider only, they do not provide web development services. You will obtain a login to your website from HostGator though, so you can either update the website files and database information directly yourself if you are confident in doing so, or you can provide these login details to another web developer who can then access and update these website files and databases for you instead. Please also note that some website developers may insist on having your website hosted with them if they are to perform updates or re-development on the website for you, so please check these details first with any prospective website developers before choosing which options you wish to undertake for your website.

Ongoing fees for website hosting with HostGator will range between approximately $70 to $100 per annum for most standard requirements, and payment can be made via Credit Card or PayPal. Full information about hosting services available from HostGator can be found at http://www.hostgator.com/shared. For customers with just one website domain the 'Hatchling Plan' should be adequate for your needs, providing support for one main website. For customers who have more than one website domain, you will need to look at the 'Baby Plan' which will provide you with the option to centralise more than one main website domain under your single account.Note that pre-paying for longer periods in advance will entail larger discounts on your monthly fee. You will need to sign up for an a hosting account with HostGator first, and then request the transfer of your website using this link https://secure.hostgator.com/transfer.php. HostGator have online chat available if you require assistance in this process, or alternatively if you need some guidance on what options and details you require .

Over our many years of dealing with hosting firms and wholsalers in both Australia and the United States, we've found the services and expertise provided by HostGator to be second to none, and we can't recommend them highly enough if you wish to set up your own hosting account. If you currently have your website hosted with WrightWay Design then you'll know of the high level of service availability and website response times we enjoy from the data centres we use for our services, and HostGator will continue this same level of service directly from this very same data cantre managed by the same network and security administration staff that we utilise.

I have domain names managed by WrightWay Design, what happens to these?

Customers with domain name subscriptions through WrightWay Design have the following options available to them:

  1. Leave the domain name as is. We can point it to a new website hosting location if you require, or alternatively provide you or your website developer with login details to do this directly so you can transfer your website, however you will still receive invoices for your domain name renewals from WrightWay Design.
  2. Have the domain name(s) assigned to your own personal account with the NetRegistry registrar. This then means that you will receive ongoing domain name renewals from NetRegistray instead of WrightWay Design, and will contact them for any support to do with your domain(s).
  3. Have the domain name transferred to the management of a new website developer. This will place the domain under the management of your new website developer who will then send you invoices for it's renewal, and will be your contact point for any support to do with your domain name(s). This does not make them the owner of the domain, just the manager of services as WrightWay Design currently is.

If you are looking to have your website set up in your own hosting account with HostGator as outline in the previous point above, we would also recommend using option 2 from the domain name otpions above which will provide you with the ability to also manage, or provide access to another website developer to manage on behalf of you, your domain names directly.

What do I need to do to transfer my website to another developer?

The process of transferring your website will depend a little on who you choose to work with and whether they need to rebuild some aspects to suit the platforms they work with, however the main steps regardless will be:

  1. You select a website developer who you wish to work with, and is able to provide the services you require, and contact them to discuss the process of taking over the website for you and managing ongoing support and changes.
  2. We provide your web developer with access to copies of your current website information and email configuration as required.
  3. Your new website developer configures your new website hosting and replicates any email configuration settings.
  4. Your new website developer points your domain name through to their new website hosting so that the public then visits your website via their new hosting. After this they can then make any changes to your website, and you can contact them for support with website and email issues.

Important information that your new website developer may need to know when discussing your website includes:

Can you assist a new website developer or myself in learning to edit the website you created?

We can provide an overview of the website framework in order to aid any developer in getting a grasp of how the framework is constructed and operates, however we cannot provide the time required for full development training in aspects of coding and scripting that the websites use, or transferring and setting up the website in another hosting area directly.

The structure and formulation of the websites we create should be relatively straight forward and industry standard enough for any developers who have a sound knowledge in the core areas of programming in PHP, JavaScript and MySQL database services to be able to discern and work with. If training is required to enable someone to work with these areas of the website system, or to set up the website in a new hosting area, then this is probably an indicator that the task is outside of their skill set and should probably be best looked at by someone who is more experienced in these core areas.